New Releases: Play Dead, Cabbage & Novyi Lef

Play Dead – Six Hours Later

Heavy, loud and thumping… It doesn’t just describe Play Dead’s latest single, but also the situation one of their friends found themselves in, a situation that inspired their latest single ‘Six Hours Later’. Have you ever overdosed on ADHD pills and felt like you were dying? One of the South London-based punk band friends’ has, “he had overdosed on ADHD pills, he was dying and he had school in the morning…” A situation I have never found myself in, yet ‘Six Hours Later’ sketches the situation vividly, packaged in an upbeat, hasty punk rock track.

Cabbage – Get Outta My Brain

A wiry, electric, hasty new video has been released by Cabbage, ‘Get Outta My Brain’ pays tribute to their home city Manchester. It is a rushed sound, outdated yet relevant as ever. Combine eccentric vocals and an instrumental mix of punk-inspired new wave and guitar-driven alt rock and what you have is Cabbage’s latest offering. Sounding familiar yet unique in their own way. “Our video release is a perfect reflection of the topsy-turvy, wham-bam schedules we’ve all faced in 2020. It is with great pleasure though that we can finally reveal our visual backdrop to ‘Get Outta My Brain’, once again crafted by GULP film.”

Novyi Lef – Part Of The Bigger Thing

Newcastle-based electronic duo Novyi Lef returned with the release of their latest single ‘Part Of The Bigger Thing’. A sound that takes on modern disco influences in combination with an almost modern pop sound. The blending of these genres seems to make a lot of sense yet no one else is doing it. Novyi Lef have found the sweet spot of creating a sound that we were longing for yet was still missing from our playlists! And there is more to come: “Recorded remotely over lockdown in separate makeshift home studios, the single is our first new material since debut EP ‘Ethic Or Aesthetic’, and is the first material released from these new recording sessions.” 

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