World Goes Round – Rebel Heart

‘Rebel Heart’ is the signature single of World Goes Round‘s latest album ‘World Goes Round’, it is almost a manifesto that changes from within. The mystery that encircles World Goes Round is what caught my attention, a curiosity only their music could still. ‘Rebel Heart’ talks about revolution and tactical moves that are to be made. A whisper that asks for change, that hopes and longs for change, in the form of a disco-inspired, synth-driven and uplifting anthemic song. It is hard not to smile and dance along to ‘Rebel Heart’ and the soothing voice of Elizabeth.

“Slowly but surely a worldwide revolution of consciousness is taking place in the hearts of individual men and women. They see the big picture and the big issues of our world and they long for change even if our leaders don’t. Yet the misfits and individualists who think for themselves sometimes have to play along with the system in order to put food on their family’s table and to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. History shows that it can be dangerous to speak your mind. And yet…”

​I think that it is safe to say that World Goes Round’s nearly filthy sound is one we can all hardly ignore, and even though it is a sound many say is from the past, ‘Rebel Heart’ and its message are more relevant than ever!

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