Nathaniel Paul – songbird

“The dream is to go back. The nightmare is that we never can. A story of what we wish we could have done this year and a reflection on the year 2020.”

Nathaniel Paul reflects on life, society and mother nature the way not many other artists do. His refined, soothing and effortless-sounding music makes me sit back and reflect on life, while Nathaniel chants in the background, offering different perspectives and emotions that can only be transferred through music. Music is another language, one we all understand in one way or another, and Nathaniel has, within the language of music, created his own. His solo debut was released in November last year and in only three months he managed to make name for himself and release three singles!

The current state of the world does not seem like a setback for Nathaniel, it just seems to fire him up. He has a message and it needs to be spread. ‘songbird’ is a relaxing and almost jazzy folk pop song with hazy vocals that are nearly whispering. ‘songbird’ needs to be a message of hope, having been inspired by a conversation with an elderly man, a man who was planning to travel the world by train, planning his way out. “His story resonated with me in the way that I feel from COVID taking away so many small businesses – so many dream from all of us. ‘songbird’ hopes to take you to a place of hope amidst a looming dark shadow cast over the world.”

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