Ziggy Splynt – Belle The Beast

Hold on tight, because Ziggy Splynt are taking you for a ride! Their new single has been long-awaited, following up previous release ‘Tower’ in June last year, and it is even bigger than we had hoped for. Blowing-your-socks-off, completely-messing-up-your-hair and please-can-I-see-this-live are thoughts that are racing through my head while listening to the mind-blowing alternative rock track that is Belle The Beast. And we haven’t even said anything about the vocals yet…

Frontman Bart is capitalising on his vocal range, a range I did not know was humanly possible, we go from squeaky clean, could cut through glass, to soaring and even screaming. Yes, to say I am blown away by ‘Belle The Beast’, is an understatement. I would say that Ziggy Splynt would be the perfect opener for a Muse live show, but I’m afraid they would blow Matt and co out of the water.

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