Becoming Young – Reverie

The sweetly introverted yet uplifting and soothing alternative folk song and sound that is the signature sound of Becoming Young is one I just can’t get enough of. Whenever I notice Becoming Young in my inbox, I get a little bit excited and need to instantly listen to what loving and relaxing song he has created now. This time it is single ‘Reverie’, a warm welcome into 2021!

‘Reverie’ is a warm-hearted, shape-shifting love song with clear vocal harmonies and a tingling soundscape. Now I called this song a love song, but don’t get me wrong, it is all but the conventional and simplistic love song. Becoming Young’s writing style is creative, filled with metaphors and sweet confessions. “‘Reverie’ tells the story of how I met the enigmatic, spiral-necklace-wearing girl who I love.” And as Becoming Young fell in love with his spiral-necklace-wearing girl, we fell in love with ‘Reverie’.

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