KAMORA’s Favourites

KAMORA landed on our radar with the release of loud and positively overwhelming new video ‘Incomplete’, it show the bands’ energy and the way they make their mark through music! It was time to ask the band some questions and talk about their top 10 artists… Of the moment!

Where do you find new music?

We find that BBC Radio 6 is a great place to find the best new music.

What is your favourite place to listen and write music

We have our own rehearsal studio in Glasgow city centre that we share with another band called Citizen Papes, we tend to write most of our stuff there now. On top of that we make our own demos and create a lot of ideas from our own home studio set-ups too.

What special object do you really need within your writing space?

Our drummer Dave has to have his signed copy of Miley Cyrus’ debut album ‘Meet Miley Cyrus’ on him at all times when playing the drums.

What would you have been if not a musician?

Our singer Max was a Youth Olympic Judo athlete when he was younger, which is handy if we find ourselves getting into any bother this year at gigs.

Favourite hobbies besides music?

Our bassist Chris is a footballer and plays with Glasgow side ‘Glasgow Wellington FC’. Max as mentioned is heavily involved in Judo and coaches it as well. Stuart our guitarist is a fitness machine and climbs hills for fun, and our drummer Dave is a brilliant photographer.

What are your current top 10 favourite songs?

There are so many. Our top 10 emerging artists at the moment, in no particular order, would be The Clockworks, Bubbatrees, Citizen Papes, Spyres, Dancing on Tables, The Links, Foreignfox, Lo Rays, Black Country New Road, Do Nothing.

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