Paceshifters – Different Man

Paceshifters‘ latest single ‘Hurdles’ has been stuck in our heads and on our playlists ever since its release, but with ‘Different Man’, Paceshifters touch a different nerve. Their signature sound is a thrilling alternative rock sound hinting towards pop with catchy hooks and choruses that are easy to remember. Even though the tempo of ‘Different Man’ is significantly different from ‘Hurdles’, the sentiment and signature of the band is very clear. Its well-rounded production and the raw vocals of singer Seb leave no doubt: this is Paceshifters.

‘Different Man’ is a video that shows fragments of the band’s youth, then transitions into the men they are today. It is a heart-warming video that gives the soaring single just that bit more meaning. “‘Different Man’ is about fatherhood in every aspect of the word, losing your father and becoming a father yourself.” It is hard to capture my attention with a music video but Paceshifters have done it… Again!

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