The Round Up – January

The Shop Window – Out Of Reach

Jangly, uplifting and positive sounding bubbly indie pop is what I craved on this beautiful and sunny Sunday, and The Shop Window brought it to me on a silver platter. ‘Out Of Reach’ is a three minute long infectious indie pop song that talks about the moments you’re trapped in a bubble, and eventually realise you might already have everything you need!

Youri Lentjes – Aid Kid

Dutch artist singer songwriter Youri Lentjes is giving the singer songwriter genre depth and a hint of mystery with new single ‘Aid Kid’. The single is a heavy, full-band song and talks about the struggle Youri faced dealing with his father’s cancer. His thumping new track has us looking forward to the upcoming album ‘Ex Messiah’, which is due for release this year!

TOVE – As Per Usual

TOVE have released a new and soothing alternative pop song, ‘As Per Usual’ is nothing usual. It’s intriguing and dreamy, and drifts along the shore while talking about being called out for things that you did, but instead of taking responsibility, gas is being thrown on the flames and builds up an argument. Don’t be afraid to dip your toes into TOVE!

Vilnes – A Million Smiles

Nordic contemporary pop artist Vilnes creates little bits of heaven in the form of his magical contemporary pop sound. ‘A Million Smiles’ is his latest offering and resembles the recognisable sound of Jamie Cullum and Hozier. Sparkling clean vocals and angelic harmonies give ‘A Million Smiles’ its calming colour and make Vilnes stand out from the crowd!

Kúlu – Is It Better

Roaring noise rock outfit Kúlu have recently released their new single ‘Lucidity’ and we’d like to take this chance to highlight single ‘Is It Better’. A balancing sound consisting of high-potency noise and crystal clear sound textures that pave the way for this smooth but rambling new single. Kúlu explore unknown territories and do it with a blend of noise, garage and post rock!

Well Done Coyote – A Sunny Day

‘A Sunny Day’ talks about overcoming what seems like something we’ll never overcome, for example the year 2020… Well Done Coyote are bringing us positivity and light in the form of their alternative rock single ‘A Sunny Day’, a song that talks of depression and anxiety but with an uplifting spin to it. “There will come a day when the sun has no choice but to reappear, and we’ll hopefully all be there to welcome it!”

Post-Party – Being Honest

Fast paced, energetic alternative rock outfit Post-Party have just released second single ‘Being Honest’, a catchy and uplifting track for fans of The Academic. ‘Being Honest’ was recorded in Dublin at the start of 2020 and will soon be followed up by a DIY music-video, I can’t wait to be able to catch Post-Party live, because all I can think of when listening to ‘Being Honest’ is festival greens and moshpits!

Beafets – Open Letter

Beafets just released new single ‘Open Letter’ in which they showcase a determined and evolved sound that says “there is no way you will forget about me”. Striking and laid back, without any fuss and with minimal finishing touches, ‘Open Letter’ sounds like a Blossoms-hit, but less generic. This single has all the ingredients it needs to be (or become) a hit and I’m excited to hear more Beafets!

Jenny Kern – Coming Back For Me

A beautiful and hazy sound, both soundscape and vocals being rather dreamy and so clean we barely dare to listen without gloves on. Jenny Kern’s new single sounds like a shining pearl that is influenced by modern pop and a soothing jazz sound. Bittersweet lyrics combined with a rather simple soundscape make for an intriguing indie pop single!

Black Star Jackals – Party People

Glasgow-based alternative rock outfit Black Star Jackals have just released new party banger ‘Party People’, a soaring and anthemic alt rock track about inner demons that was made to “dance away your dreams”. Its slow and intriguing build up are followed by the spot on vocals of singer Kieran and make ‘Party People’ a catchy and well-rounded single!

Drive – The Routine

‘The Routine’ is the latest single by Newcastle-based synth pop duo Drive, an easy-listening pop song resembling early Blossoms. Hiding behind production is a half-baked pop song about the rituals you go through and the process of rediscovery after a breakup, ‘The Routine’ is one of those catchy indie pop songs we all enjoy once in a while.

James Mackenzie – Champion

Germany-based singer songwriter James Mackenzie recently released his new single ‘Champion’, an emotive, slow paced and sweet singer songwriter slash folk pop song. ‘Champion’ is a duet between a boy and a girl, inspired by and written for James’ fiancé. “‘Champion’ is about having someone that encourages you, motivates you when you’re feeling blue and most of all, is there for you whenever you need it.”

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