Jacob Shipley – Brave New World (video)

Jacob Shipley offers a message of hope as we leave 2020 behind us and enter a new, and ideally, better year. ‘Brave New World’ is the latest single in the New York based singer/songwriter’s Quarantine Nudes series and is an undeniably uplifting soft rock number. Shipley’s clear vocals are confident and self assured while his bright, clean guitar work is inviting and friendly. The accompanying music video features Shipley performing at an abandoned demolition site, a suitably isolated setting that affirms the introspective themes of the track and the pandemic inspired song writing project as a whole. The video features quick cuts of Shipley reading on a rocking chair next to a nightstand and perspective shots of the filming process which further communicate the minimalist nature of the project. Contrary to its dystopian literary namesake, ‘Brave New World’ offers an optimistic wish for a brighter future.

Words by James Olson

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