Darkplay – Knuckles

LA post punk duo Darkplay capture heartbreak and lovesick despair in dramatic fashion on their latest single ‘Knuckles’. All of the sonic elements that make post punk the enduring sub genre that it is are present and arranged expertly on this ballad. Bright, wistful guitar chords instantly reminiscent of The Cure are interrupted by a driving bass synth and fluttering piano. Sergio A. Soto’s baritone vocals and poetic lyrics conjure the ghost of Ian Curtis with lines like “You’re growing petals/While I’m tangled in the vines.” Cascading synths and a tasteful reintegration of the guitar add a sense of widescreen theatricality to the song’s simple yet effective chorus “Don’t say you don’t love me anymore/Don’t say you don’t need me anymore.” Serving as the final single for the band’s sophomore release Goner, ‘Knuckles’ is a primer for what is sure to be a step forward for Darkplay.

Words by James Olson

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