Emma McGrath – Paradise

Dark, humble and warm-hearted are the three words that come to mind when listening to Emma McGrath‘s new pop single ‘Paradise’. The intro shines a bright light on Emma’s low pitched vocals, supported by a soothing and simplistic soundscape. Throughout we experience rhythm changes and hooks that give the single its edge. ‘Paradise’ shows off a delicate balance between a slow paced dream pop soundscape and a more upbeat, generic pop mix.

Lyrically, Emma explores the balance between music and her personal life. ‘Paradise’ is one of the songs to appear on her new EP ‘Settled In Motion (Silent Minds Pt. 3)’, which explores even more of that balance. The EP is a five track counting piece of carefully crafted, delicate songs that talk of many emotions and running away from it all. Emma McGrath walks the line between indie and commercial pop, and despite me not being a fan of commercial pop, her sparkling voice is the decisive factor: I’m a fan.

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