Conor Housten – Problem Plays

‘Problem Plays’ is a term used for Shakespearean plays which fail to conform to one specific genre. In his newest single, Conor Houston highlights the tricky hopelessness of adulthood which delivers problem days with “No fixed abode / Just fixed-term agreements”.

Houston’s vocals are soothing as well as addictive. As ‘Problem Plays’ opens with block piano chords coupled with the softness of Houston’s voice, the single is instantly intriguing. Though the melody line doesn’t venture far from its comfort zone, the repetitiveness of the closing lines, “Grandma says to cheer up, ‘cause it might never happen” are unforgettable.

The single was recorded prior to the pandemic, but Houston felt it unsuitable to release last year. With the turn of a new year, and hopefully one filled with positives, listeners can find hope in the lyric, “but all is well that ends well”.

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