The Sunshine State – Things Changed

Skyler Stonestreet has an ear for melody on ‘Things Changed’. This is the second single from Stonestreet under The Sunshine State moniker and the prolific pop songwriter captures a nostalgic, bittersweet mood with a multi-layered arrangement and detailed lyrics. Upbeat guitars mixed with declarative drums and sugary multi-tracked vocal harmonies allow lines like “Traded medication for/Something to fix all the thinking” to emotionally connect instantly. The track is brimming with musical flourishes which further communicate this feeling of reminiscing on past choices made out of youthful recklessness. On the bridge, there is a melancholic slide guitar break which leads to an overlap of the chorus and bridge melody, blending together akin to the blurry nature of memory. The Sunshine State has put into song a challenging emotion to describe and this is certainly worth celebrating.

Words by James Olson

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