HOL – The Dawn Chapter: Petrichor

Talented young artist HOL recently released her new double single ‘The Dawn Chapter: Petrichor’, a unique and soothing sound that hints at alternative pop while sounding jazzy and slightly contemporary. The strong vocals of HOL make ’21st Century Teen’ stand out and make us think of fellow young musician Seraphina Simone, both creating catchy yet intriguing and surprising pop songs.

HOL’s latest release depicts the journey of a teen growing up and changing throughout her days, it reflects the past and glimpses to the future. Parts of the chorus make us think of the early sound of Justin Bieber, and we predict that someday soon HOL will enter the charts the way Justin Bieber did years ago. The double single she recently released is incorporated in the new album, ‘The Chapters’ and it shows HOL growing up musically and sharing a sound that is more and more determined. A surprising fact of ’21st Century Teen’ is how we are a little relieved to hear the single is longer than the new standard of two and a half minutes, we want more! The single is followed up by the more fast paced and alternative rock inspired B-side ‘The Girl I Used To Be’.

‘The Girl I Used To Be’ is catchy, fast paced and spins around clear cut vocals and vocal harmonies that up the expectations of what HOL has got in store for us. The 17 year old singer songwriter and producer is set to release her debut album ‘The Chapters’ fully in early February!

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