Premiere: GULES – Upstairs

Beautifully captivating, a voice that could break glass and a soothing, jazzy soundscape are what make up GULES‘ new single ‘Upstairs’. Fluid melodies, lyrics and slow hooks give GULES an edge, something different. As soon as the first note of ‘Upstairs’ hit, I feel goose bumps. Since releasing debut single ‘Dizzy’ in 2017, she gained international attention and released solidly chilling single after solidly chilling single.

‘Upstairs’ has a dark retro feel, and listens like an old rocking chair due to its warming guitar chords, “GULES accentuates the musty, vintage theme the song embodies.” Her new single ‘Upstairs’ is now exclusively available via Music For The Misfits and GULES has, with her new single, claimed her spot on my ones to watch list for this and the next few years!

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  1. Wow! So soulful and moving! I could listen to this all day! She clearly presents as rare and refreshing talent! Let’s hear more of Gules and her unique blend of harmonies!

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