Sam Johnson – Shoulder To Cry On

A sparkling, outstanding voice appears through the calming, musical curtain that forms ‘Shoulder To Cry On’s instrumental mix. It is Sam Johnson‘s new single, and it follows up on the success of several previous catchy pop singles that really should be on your weekend playlist!

‘Shoulder To Cry On’ starts off with a slow and almost mysterious soundscape that throughout the single becomes just a little too simple but Sam’s melodious voice leads us through his latest indie pop release. As with all his singles, it is the message and the lyrics that count. Sam: “I wrote this for someone I was dating a while ago. It didn’t last very long, but it was nice whilst it did. It was the usual situation of someone from the past affecting the present. She had a lot of walls and didn’t want to get hurt again. I suppose the chorus’s defining lyric ‘When all you’ve ever known, has left you on your own, I’ll be your shoulder to cry on’ was an attempt to give her some comfort that I wouldn’t do the same. I don’t think it worked very well.”

His latest work of art also appears on brand new EP ‘Are We There Yet?’, on which all of my favourites make an appearance as well. I became familiar with Sam Johnson with the release of single ‘Peter Pan’, and with both ‘Changes’ and ‘Shoulder To Cry On’ also appearing on this musical collection I will be listening to this on repeat until I get sick of it!

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