Jacques Labouchere – ? in D

Jacques Labouchere has the talent of persuading you with his warm and slightly raspy vocals, his relaxed blues rock vibes feeling like a warm pair of arms to hold you when needed. ‘? in D’ makes me think of Elvis’ ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’, a song that is close to me, which instantly made me a fan of ‘? in D’. Jacques answered my wish to go back in musical times and to bring back the old and passionate songs that come from the heart instead of from a computer.

Jacques Labouchere has been on my radar for a while and even though his latest single is slightly different and more slow paced than his previous releases, it is just what I didn’t know I needed to hear to start off my weekend. It is his fourth single of the upcoming fourth studio album. The album, ‘Connecting Flights’, was due for release in September last year but was delayed due to the pandemic. Sometimes, and with music most of the time, distance (and time) makes the heart grow fonder and this single certainly excites me for what is to come!

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