Night Flight – Dreaming

A dainty new dream pop single has been releasing by Night Flight, ‘Dreaming’ builds on the hazy synth-driven soundscape that the London-based four-piece created. Expressive vocals float above the uplifting guitar lines that fill ‘Dreaming’s indie pop sound. ‘Dreaming’ is an open-hearted love letter to London, a sublime new release by the band that makes music for fans of Real Estate and Deerhunter.

‘Dreaming’ was originally meant to be a slower, lingering single, but a week-long residency in the Midlands transformed this musical piece into a more enthusiastic and expansive track. The refreshing soundscape matches perfectly with the positive and endearing message of this single. “It’s a vignette that explores the whirlwind romance of two lovers in London, and we wanted the lyrics to evoke the euphoria of falling in love.”

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