Pushpin – Folds

Pushpin delight with ‘Folds’ an ode to self-love filled with sonic twists and turns. Buzzing guitars, bouncy bass, and marching percussion give the track an upbeat yet off-kilter vibe as vocalist/guitarist Arthur Robijns, with assistance from bassist/vocalist Ed Willey, describes an elusive search for intern al and external affirmation. These London art rockers defy pop song writing conventions wherever they can on this song, as woozy, synth driven instrumental breaks take the place of a chorus on a more straightforward number. A spacey, introspective outro complete with playful drums reinforces the inconclusive nature of this quest for acceptance with the final lyrical stanza delivered by Robijns. With many people spending more time in self-isolation than ever, Pushpin address the complexities of an increasingly common personal struggle through an intriguing art pop gem.

Words by James Olson

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