Woodlock – Feel It Coming

‘Feel It Coming’ is a musical exercise in tension and release by Woodlock. The Australian alt-folk trio lyrically capture an emotional breaking point within an anthemic and upbeat arrangement. Pulsing piano, chugging guitar, and the distant sound of a ticking clock in the first verse creates an atmosphere of anticipation as vocalist Zech Walters leads with the lines “I can’t stop this is coming out/All the patterns we try to hide/But I feel it coming up.” Cascading synths and whirling guitar on the chorus capture a release of sorts. The consistently optimistic tone of the track as a whole suggest that relinquishing bottled up anger is sometimes the best thing to do. With ‘Feel It Coming’ serving as the lead single of the band’s next full-length release The Future Of An End, Woodlock look to offer a hopeful outlook on complex and dark emotions and subjects.

Words by James Olson

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