Glympse – Linear

San Diego indie rock unit Glympse channel desperation and lockdown induced restlessness with their driving new single ‘Linear’. With their third single to date, the band aim to reclaim the vibrancy of community and companionship with an up-tempo number brimming with passion. The band charges right out of the gate with a bright guitar lead, pulsing bass, and pounding drums. Elsewhere melancholic minor keys in combination with soulful vocals create an atmosphere of nervous, infectious energy. The chorus encourages the listener to “Keep on searching for the right words” and serves as a reminder to maintain those valuable connections in our lives in spite and because of external forces beyond anyone’s control. Glympse have a wary yet hopeful eye on what lies ahead in 2021 and a year of more songs from this intriguing act is encouraging news.

Words by James Olson

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