Not Now Norman – Little Frankenstein

Bursting with attitude, flair, and talent, Not Now Norman share their first single of 2021, ‘Little Frankenstein’ – a powerful song that looks set to further add to the band’s momentum. Featuring hard-hitting NWOBHM-esque (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) riffs that will be well-received by fans of classic rock and metal – as well as fans of modern rockers such as Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless – Not Now Norman build on their signature sound, treating both existing, and new, fans to another healthy dose of their trademark rock sound.

Known for both their live energy and the vocal talents of singer Taylor Mitchell gives Not Now Norman a steady foundation upon which to build: the recognisable voice, and impressive range, of Taylor will help shape the band’s direction and identity. This, combined with the steadfast and powerful percussion, bass, and guitar, is a formula for success; each member of the band clearly contributes to the impressive full-on sound that Not Now Norman is known for. Fast-gaining well-deserved hype from two strong singles, the future looks bright for the band and, when live music is fully operational again, Not Now Norman will really shine.

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