Rick Rutherford – Words

Songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, Rick Rutherford blazes through the indie space with his latest single ‘Words’. Delving deep into the rock archives, Rick rises out with treasure. His mix is unconventional, and he keeps it right without a tremendous amount of shine on the master, but what it does it does very well, and it proves a resurgence for a sound which was hugely popular years before now. Although it does have a modern quality too, and it remains relevant in the modern game.

Prolific from the opening second, ‘Words’ grips with the listener instantly being sucked into a rock and roll vortex. The opener lines set the theme for the entire track, ‘Will love you more than words will ever say’ expresses Rick’s love for his partner, and he gets his message across without any ambiguity.

Vocally, Rick has a raw edge which makes him stand out for the right reasons. He boasts a gritty quality, and he smashes it with a contagious appeal. Rick also explains in his lyrics, ‘Nothing will rain on his parade’, and he proves it with this release.

Rick is well travelled too; therefore, his exploration of the world appears to have influenced his style. So much so, there is a strong influence from rock and roll greats on ‘Words’ and a subtle hint taken from southern rock and metal. Also, it brings a feel-good sensation despite the sombre aura it gives off. Additionally, the nail-biting hooks are infectious with a foot-tapping rhythm which is impossible to refuse.

Towards the final passage, the music picks up with daring momentum and the music leads to the finish line with a striking finale.

You can take a listen to ‘Words below. Also, be sure to keep up to date with Rick Rutherford on his official social media accounts.

Words by James Davids

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