Jaymotts – Autofunk

Cambridge-based funk duo Jaymotts are bringing humorous experiences and stories wrapped in silky smooth bass lines, catchy guitar-driven hooks and infectious choruses! Their latest story, ‘Autofunk’ “delves into the modern fascination of AI technology and how humankind and machine intertwine. Think of it as The Terminator with Nile Rodgers in Arnie’s role.”

An uplifting and fast paced intro instantly pulls us into the world of Jaymotts, there is no way not to move along to ‘Autofunk’. With vocals that hint at robotism and a synth-driven hook, the duo have created an incredibly infectious new single that will undoubtedly work well on the stages when live music is allowed again. ‘Autofunk’ is exactly the right amount of quirky and for its three and a half minutes distracts from the all-too-serious world outside. Indulge yourselves in this attractive, swinging new track!

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