Paperwing – Blackbirds

The angelic voice of Swedish artist, composer and producer Jenny Soovik comes to us as in a dream, emerging from hazy fairylands that form the soundscape of her latest release. Jenny Soovik is better known as Paperwing and her new single ‘Blackbirds’ is an uncompromising piece of jazz-inspired folk pop. The single talks about big feelings and small things, in particular feelings of love and bliss, “like waking up next to your loved one on a sunny spring day.”

‘Blackbirds’ was inspired by Paul McCartney’s ‘Blackbird’, “I wanted to find ways to respectfully interweave that into this song in a fun and playful way.” This single will be second on the upcoming EP ‘Prism’, hopefully a collection of a sound similar to the dreamy ‘Blackbird’!

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