Three New Favourites

Jessie Monk – Lonesome Winter Blues

‘Lonesome Winter Blues’ is a relaxing, anthemic and delicate single that moves like a calm river subtly taking with its drift bits of rocks and sand of the waterside. Jessie Monk created a jazzy and folk-inspired single together with a beautiful video that shows the mesmerising movements of a dancer interchanged by bits and pieces of nature and intimate moments. It does not happen often I am transfixed by a video in combination with a single the way I am transfixed by Jessie Monk and the short video she created. Have a look for yourself:

Jake Huffman – Ride Around

Jake Huffman’s new single is a fun sounding self-produced rock track filled with wandering harmonies and a filling yet simple guitar-driven soundscape. The single is the third release of his upcoming debut EP, ‘Same But Different’. ‘All For Love’ captures a nostalgia for 90’s rock and showcases a bunch of energy and passion throughout the single. Sharp vocals and heart-warming, dreamy hooks make a beautiful and thought through pop song that hints at folk but most of all at fatherly love!

Feralman – Where Were You Before?

Once Feralman landed on my radar, I was intrigued by the dreamy artwork that accompanies all of his releases, and the man behind the music is just as interesting. With every release comes a surprising element I hadn’t expected, on new single ‘Where Were You Before?’ that element is sweet-toned, female vocals! The single captures the overwhelming emotions we face when someone new and important enters our life, specifically for Feralman: his daughter. ‘Where Were You Before?’ is a simple, heart-warming and comforting lullaby that shines a light on Feralman’s versatile musical spectrum.

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