Sugarmoon – Autumn Leaves

Sugarmoon are a self-proclaimed indie folk-pop band from Bristol, and their music is as sweet as their name suggests. ‘Autumn Leaves’ is the band’s second single, following their debut ‘The Only One’ (2020), and it is the perfect track to listen to on these wintry, rainy afternoons to brighten up your days.

The single combines woodwind timbres with string melodies on the guitar to produce a relaxing sound. Yet, despite its mellow, calming nature, there exists a melancholic undertone of lost love, exhibiting a sorrowful message.

The vocals are the most outstanding feature of this track, and the line “Oh how I wish that it was spring” is a particularly poignant phrase to much of the world right now, where spring is presented as a more hopeful time. If ‘Autumn Leaves’ tells us anything about what to expect next from the band, we’re certainly in for a treat.

Words by Georgie Holmes

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