The Magic Epic – Sally

The Magic Epic has created an epic video for new single ‘Sally’, one that had me stunned, surprised and excited. ‘Sally’ is the first single and video by Brighton-based artist The Magic Epic, a single at which the universe nodded and sighed “this just has to be made!”

The Magic Epic explains: “The whole universe seemed to align for me to be able to complete this project, the song is about someone who is deeply important in my life. Someone who has helped me through the darkest times in my life and I through theirs.”

His thought-through and emotional sound is made up of beautiful compositions that hint at indie folk with a touch of rock. The video that accompanies ‘Sally’ shows the breathtakingly smooth choreography of a dancer that decorates empty city streets. His debut single is the start of a new chapter for The Magic Epic, and despite the difficulties he had to face while recording during COVID, The Magic Epic wouldn’t give up.

“‘Sally’ is about my friend who was a professional dancer, heavily involved in the club scene. It nearly took her life, until she fell pregnant and never looked back. She then knew love for the first time, the flesh and light came back to her bones, it was incredible! The song is to honour her journey and our friendship, we looked after each other through the darkest days and her pregnancy.”

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