Ten Eighty Trees – Born Free

Energetic and punchy alternative rock trio Ten Eighty Trees from Newcastle have released a new and grand single, ‘Born Free’ is a no nonsense track filled with filthy riffs. Inspired by The Pixies and Nirvana, ‘Born Free’ is loud, fast and sounds angry.

Singer Nathan explains: “I’ve always been fascinated by the art of writing a song that says everything it needs to say without pausing for a breathe or wasting a second. Songs like ‘Tame’ by The Pixies or ‘Sliver’ by Nirvana come to mind. I wanted this track to follow in the same vein, being an unforgettable speeding bullet of a song. Concise yet catchy.”

The North East-based band have been releasing solidly rocking tracks since 2018 and prove to have grown even more musically with their latest release! ‘Born Free’ talks about the circumstances we are born in and what traps that unwillingly puts us in. “A desire to escape from a certain environment can definitely be heard in ‘Born Free’.”

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