The Round Up – February

Fagan – Devil In Me

A funky alternative pop track, one that is rather different from others within any genre. An ever changing soundscape, a warm soundscape and vocals that switch between soaring singing-lines to spoken word parts that compliment each other like the chapters of a book. Despite the song being 4 minutes and nearly 20 minutes, it feels like this song could have last for ages and we would still not get sick of it!

InHibit – Settings

‘Settings’ is the heaviest offering of Anglo-Belgian electronic alternative rock artist InHibit, a song that provides in all of my riffing needs. The singer and composer in based in Brussels and is bringing us a piece of filthy yet attractive alt rock with spoken vocals that chant about the way we are chained by others and by society, or is it all a farce? InHibit creates huge songs as well as books and collections of poetry!


An early Twenty One Pilots-inspired sound was launched onto our favourite platforms by HCK9 (Half Cut K9), ‘CARTOON SMILE’ was inspired by a world of masks and face coverings and translated into a grand and stumping stadium pop track. “‘CARTOON SMILE’ tells the relatable tale of wearing a face that hides one’s true state of mind from the world. It’s okay to not be okay.”

MOY – Don’t Look Back

It is warm and intense, intriguing and mysterious and builds up towards a climax of sounds including subtle harmonies and vocals that sound tormented and passionate, it’s MOY’s new single ‘Don’t Look Back’. An euphoric psychedelic pop rock song that tells a story of self-reflection and encapsulating feelings and memories wrapped into song, ‘Don’t Look Back’ is also the title track of the EP that was just released, and MOY have outdone themselves!

The Legends – What’s Going On?

The question we have all been asking ourselves for a while now and The Legends are answering it in the form of a rocking, expansive and energetic new single! Their sharp and extravagant vocals fill in the gaps the soundscape is leaving, a well-balanced track that at times sounds a tad repetitive however overall is accelerating and leaves us wanting more.

Speakers – Nothing To You

Grand and riffing guitar lines, warm bass compositions and a well-produced mix are what form Speakers’ new single ‘Nothing To You’. It makes me think back of early 2000’s when I was completely into the angry pop rock vibes and Speakers have given it just enough of a modern edge to make it incredibly relevant for modern times. ‘Nothing To You’ is a great and passionate, well-balanced new single!

The Night Game – Beautiful Stranger

An intense 80’s inspired synth wave single was released by vocalist Martin Johnson, better known as The Night Game. Sounds familiar? Martin fronted 2000’s pop band Boys Like Girls then choose to continue the path of song writing and production on his own. With ‘Beautiful Stranger’ he shows it’s been a good choice that will hopefully keep paying off in the form of catchy alternative new wave/ pop hits.

Ella Rose Oliveras – Young Heart

Clever lyricism combined with stark vocals and an electronically-driven, commercial pop-inspired soundscape, Ella Rose Oliveras is back with new single ‘Young Heart’! It’s a smooth, laid back jazz-infused track that is bound to make you move. ‘Young Heart’ is a reminder that the only opinion that matters is your own. Ella: “Being free from the need for validation is something super empowering to me, like being a badass, and that’s how I want others to feel while listening to this track.”

Plummy – Stop

A funky, catchy yet laid back new disco pop track has been released by Plummy. Even though I am personally not too keen on the electronically-driven soundscape, it’s just too hard not to move along to new single ‘Stop’. The track is a grower as well as the perfect soundtrack for a little relaxed disco party at home for one!

Ava Kay – Wild Again

A grand, cinematic and angelic new single has been released by Canadian singer songwriter and composer Ava Kay. Her debut release ‘Wild Again’ contains a simple soundscape that smoothly folds itself around the warm and soothing voice of Ava. Her new single is a refreshing and tranquil breath of new air, a perfect translation of the way Kay describes song writing: “it’s coming from a feeling, a release, an expression.” And this is only the beginning of her pop career, find ‘Wild Again’ in our Round Up playlist, linked below.

Johnny Ashby – Getting Started

A beautiful folk-inspired sound, fragile vocals and a simple soundscape form the latest of Johnny Ashby’s release ‘Getting Started’! Inspiring and soothing, ‘Getting Started’ narrates the whirlwind of events happening around the world and the need for progression and change. It’s an ageless and grand pop song with great potential to become a hit both online and on the festival greens which will hopefully open up again soon! “‘Getting Started’ encourages you to dig deep and find your inner-strength, even in times of adversity!” 

Rural Tapes – Pardon My French

Rural Tapes has just released his debut single, a hazy and intriguing sound, ‘Pardon My French’ is the first solo release of Kjelsrud Mathisen and for this very special and intense single he collaborated with Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) and saxophonist Terry Edwards (PJ Harvey, Tom Waits). Rural Tapes is quite literally the soundscape I imagine when wandering the Norwegian countryside. Mathisen creates music free from episodic trends that often come from what happens in urban cities. “I wanted this music to stand the test of time and feel just as current when you play it again in ten years from now.” And so he did.

The Slashes – Nunu’s Cocktails

San Diego-based indie rock outfit The Slashes have recently released new single ‘Nunu’s Cocktails’, an infectious, upbeat and guitar-driven track with low pitched vocals a la The Slow Show. Their warm sound is hazy and ‘Nunu’s Cocktails’ was taken from the recently released ten track counting album, ‘Embalmers Bush’. The Slashes take you back to London in the 70’s with a post punk era blending with an 80’s new romantic wave sound.

Dead Slow Hoot – Taller Tree

We continue on the new romantic/ shoegaze-inspired route with single ‘Taller Tree’ by Sheffield/ London-based outfit Dead Slow Hoot. With their new single they take a hard look at society and wrap their critical message in a smooth sound for fans of Talk Show and Do Nothing. “‘Taller Tree’ is about sudden self awareness, recognising characteristics in yourself that get used habitually as coping mechanisms but deny the agency or involvement of other people. Either that or it’s about the general election result and is just a nice way of saying fuck the Tories for four minutes…. (It’s both).” 

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