Gus Benson – Write Your Ticket

Gus Benson recently released his debut single ‘Write Your Ticket’, an infectious guitar-driven alternative pop track with hints to mellow singer songwriter ballads. The twenty-year old student co-produced his debut single with classmate Jack Riley, together they drew upon a wide variety of genres which makes this debut release a unique and well-blended mix of genres!

Gus’s sound is determined, laid back and takes off the pressure of every day life for its entire duration of 4 minutes and 10 seconds. A soft voice, calm harmonies and an infectious light-hearted guitar-driven soundscape bring a ray of sunshine to any room in which ‘Write Your Ticket’ is played. Gus is definitely in the running of becoming my favourite artist of 2021, which says something with only one single to his name. I am already looking forward to the next release, hoping that Benson can cope with the high expectations he has just set for himself…

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