Near Death Experience (NDX) – Everything

We’ve previously reviewed the intriguing and loud psychedelic rock ‘n’ soul sound of London-based band Near Death Experience and we’re glad to share that they are back! ‘Everything’ is their new single, a loud and thumping track with tons of energy and passion entwined in soulful alternative pop compositions. The single comes with psychedelic visuals that amplify the warm sound of ‘Everything’.

Soothing vocals with a sharp edge lead us through this new release, a smooth follow up to the bands’ previous singles of which the last three singles were highly praised and demanded their spot on the blogospheres’ radar. ‘Everything’ is the first single of their upcoming album release, which promises to be a collection of even more of their filthy, groovy and funky psychedelic soul… Pop!

A combination of funky drums, a laid back attitude towards perfection, screaming guitar lines and soaring, catchy vocals with a chorus that is so easy to sing along to that it is impossible to resist make Near Death Experience’s new single an amazing new release!

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