Who are Modern Guilt?

Psych and garage rock-inspired outfit Modern Guilt from London have recently released new single ‘Get Along’ of which you can read our review here! We thought this would be the perfect time to get to know the band a little better before they are allowed on stage again and will most certainly explode into the next big thing!

What inspired you to start a band and start making music?

Listening to music that gives you that feeling your invincible, that gut punch of joy. I wanted to dish that out just as I had been given it.

What is your favourite place to listen to and write music?

I write in cafes, surrounded by people, noise and conversation. Or in the studio, surrounded by musicians, instruments. Or on the train or as I travel – there’s nothing else you can do, and you’re racing through the world sat perfectly still. It’s like a physical representation of my head as I’m trying to think.

Listening to music, it’s usually with people – part of it is sharing it. When we’re sat together pointing out a faint drum fill, bass line or keys part sat in the mix that feels like it elevates that bar beyond the usual. 

What special object do you really need within your writing space?

A cup of coffee, a guitar and some time pressure. Fill me with caffeine and tell me I’ve got ten minutes to finish a song and I’ll smash it out. 

What would you have been if not a musician?

Probably financially stable, it’s not easy to make money in music these days, especially as artists can’t currently tour. If it wasn’t for the global pandemic which is threatening the lives and livelihoods of millions of people around the world we would have been playing shows and touring to support the release of our music. But if not music, maybe airport security, or those people who spin signs like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker character… Think they’re called human directionals?!

What are your favourite hobbies besides music?

Football, reading, poetry and the occasional house red wine. Andreas is into a lot of video games and Scott has recently taken up skateboarding… That’s true.

What are your current top 5 favourite emerging artists?

Ooofftt good question, our producer Mikey Buckley has his own band Desert Ships who are amazing, check them out, they’ve got a few records out. I (Scott) heard a new band on the radio the other day called The Lazy Eyes from Australia that sound cool, kind of late The Beatles and early Pink Floyd. We’re big fans of Michael Kiwanuka, and Fontaines D.C. are doing well too!

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