Murman – Achilles

Indie rock outfit Murman have just released their fifth single, ‘Achilles’ is a rambling, energetic and worthy follow up to previous releases such as ‘Panama’, which we featured at the time of its release! It has been a while since Murman have been active but as 2020 happened they are excused and with their new single all we are is happy to hear that they are back!

An anthemic and thrilling new sound was created by the UK band that got together in 2018 through a GumTree ad, since then they have played and supported big bands such as SkitKid and Lucia and the Best Boys. Extroverted frontman David brings his bright personality to the stage as well as to your favourite streaming platform, but oh we can’t wait to be able to see some of our favourites live again!

‘Achilles’ wasn’t in the cards, drummer Abbi explains: “We stumbled across an interesting bass line and it took off from there, we wanted to create something more playful, writing tongue-in-cheek lyrics about lust and adding in a heavier breakdown to mix things up. It’s one of the most fun songs to play life!” Timeless, fun and eyebrow-raising, we are glad the band accidentally wrote such a great song!

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