MURMAN – Panama

Stylish indie rock band MURMAN have released their loudest and angriest single since their debut release. ‘Panama’ is a high tempo, infectious and powerful follow up to their previous catchy pop songs, it’s their fourth release and it had me hooked. The single comes with a weird and eyebrow-raising video of which images have been stuck in my head since watching it for the first time. Since the band’s get together in 2018 they have shown fast and quick progress by becoming a cohesive unit and releasing songs about “love, heartbreak, guilt, fetishism, sexual frustration and the absurdity of life”.

‘Panama’ is a bass riff-filled hooky single that has a dark vibe to it and an up beat rhythm that has you moving if you want to or not. The build up of this story is an enthusiastic one that erupts in a high speed, catchy chorus with an instrumental soundscape that had me wanting to be able to play an instrument myself! Have a listen and look yourself and share your thoughts with us.

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