Dalmas – Jhm

Manchester based rock band Dalmas are back disrupting the soundwaves with brand new single ‘JHM’. Following on the success of their previous releases such as ‘You Say’ and ‘Prevail’, and having gained support of BBC Introducing and Chris Difford of Squeeze – ‘JHM’ promises not to disappoint. 

Working with producer Dan Mizen, the track was written to continue the story of living with mental illness and the struggles of coping when life is unbearable – following on from previous releases such as ‘You Say’, which is reminiscent of the 90’s grunge we all know and love with a modern twist. 

‘JHM’ is a whole 3 minutes and 44 seconds of jammed packed energy, insane guitar riffs and incredible vocals. Upon first listen, it definitely grabs your attention and stops you in your tracks, but in a way where you wonder whether the next 3 minutes will be good or just another mediocre song. However after the first 40 seconds, when those sexy guitar riffs fully kick in and you hear those familiar bass and drums reminiscent of Dave Grohl with the experimental style of Nothing But Thieves (a guilty pleasure of mine) you can’t help but dance along to this funky beat. Can I see this being played at festivals? Yes! This is a tune that will have the crowds craving for more. 

The band have been busy recording new music at the beginning of the year with their debut EP ‘Now I can Sleep’ being released later this year and plans to work with LA based producer Jon Smith. Will we have to wait longer before we see Dalmas explode into the next biggest thing or will this be the year that Dalmas make it their own and get the complete recognition they deserve? I hope it’s the latter. Bring on the funky mosh pits!

Words by Jenn Foster

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