Simon Taylor – Under The Volcano

The Newcastle upon Tyne singer Simon Taylor is no stranger to creating memorable tracks. Having begun writing music in 2002, Taylor has transformed his sound over the years, and ‘Under The Volcano’ comes as the title-track to his newest EP, out on C.D. and Bandcamp.

Taylor’s voice is as comforting as the soft, guitar strums heard throughout the single. What distinguishes ‘Under The Volcano’ from other tracks from singer-songwriters is Taylor’s ability to incorporate spoken-word techniques into his melody lines, where the volume of his voice almost drops off at the end of each line. Made poignant by Taylor’s accent, the vocals are extremely effective in creating a track so tranquil. Despite its simplicity with the classic acoustic guitar and vocal partnership, ‘Under The Volcano’ is a track you’ll want to listen to again and again.

Words by Georgie Holmes

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