Sarpa Salpa – Another Life

Sarpa Salpa isn’t just the name of a fish – it is also the name of the five-piece band hailing from Northampton. The band have accumulated a loyal following, which enabled them to release their debut EP ‘Say Something’ last year.

Newest single ‘Another Life’ sums up everything to love about the band. Its melody is catchy and relatable to experiences of confusing heartbreak, made better by the impressive vocals which hit and sustain the most gorgeous notes. As the chorus sings out, “You can be mine in another life”, the passion is painfully felt.

Other than the vocals, it is the synth riffs reminiscent of Tame Impala that are simply impossible to ignore. If it’s not the vocals that have you hooked, it’ll be this riff, contributing to the addictiveness of ‘Another Life’.

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