Montrell – Simpler In The Dark

Flyte drummer Jon Supran produced Montrell’s upcoming EP ‘Angel’, and ‘Simpler In The Dark’ is the second track on the EP that has now been released! The single has got a simple message that has been packaged into an almost fragile folk-inspired singer songwriter song.

“I guess I can’t escape the fact that this single is about the desire to sleep with other people when you’re in a relationship, and the moral dilemma that follows that urge.” His delicate voice and the rather simple soundscape nearly bring its listener (not me…) to tears. Even though it is a subject that is rather upsetting as well as close to home for many, Montrell brings it sensitively and as open-hearted as anything I have heard so far.

Montrell: “Having written it as a solo artist I always envisaged releasing it with a band – you can hide behand a band. It was four years ago, so having come to terms with what it means to me, I’m now just really happy to share the song with our listeners.”

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