Leif Coffield – Say My Name

Leif Coffield just released his new and catchy electro pop single ‘Say My Name’. The single is dark, open-hearted and showcases an intense side of the Glasgow-based artist. Leif Coffield has been making a name for himself since 2014 but with the release of his new single 2021 promises to be his year.

The single talks about feelings of being suppressed in a relationship and ‘Say My Name’ convincingly captures the yearning of wanting to break free and wanting to rediscover yourself. Even though I am not a fan of electro pop, I find myself slowly moving along to Leif Coffield’s rather intriguing mix of instrumentals and eclectic vocals. Leif takes inspiration from artists such as Flume FINNEAS and Bon Iver and mixed those together in what has become a rather unique mix of sounds, personal to Coffield. “I would describe my music as if hip hop impregnated acoustic and gave birth to a baby that was raised in an electronic family. I always try to evoke emotion in the song whether it be through the instrumentation or accompanying vocal melodies and lyrics.”

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