Ormiston – Rebel

Montreal-based singer, songwriter, musician and producer Ormiston was born into a bilingual family and raised by female musicians, giving him a strong sense of melody from a young age. After finding his feet in the music industry by producing tracts for Milk & Bone, Heart Streets, Misage and Freida Mari, he released his own track ‘Typically Her’ under the name Beverlay that was remixed by Kaytranada, gaining him an impressive reach of over 3 million worldwide streams.

His new single ‘Rebel’ is the funky indie pop hit that you’ve been waiting for, featuring the perfect mix of chillwave, indie and electro-disco. From the moment the track started, it made me want to get up and dance along due to its catchy beats, punchy lyrics and vocals that are easy on the ear, making it perfect for fans of the likes of MGMT and Toro Y Moi due to its feel good vibe and addictive melodies. If you like the track and want to hear more, you’re in luck as Ormiston is set to release his debut album in Spring 2021!

Words by Charlotte Bredael

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