The Connecting Dots – Oblivious Beat (album)

Stockholm based duo The Connecting Dots consists of singer Helena Sundstrom and Johan Borg. They have now connected the dots of their musical journey by releasing their debut album ‘Oblivious Beat’. Drawing influences from timeless geniuses such as Price, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Blondie and Eurhythmics and adding their own unique and contemporary twist, The Connecting Dots have created an unmissable modern classic album.

You could compare the duo’s sound to current favourites such as Lana Del Rey and Kate Bush, making them perfect for fans of gentle indie pop. Their hazy sound has a surreal, ethereal vibe and each track on ‘Oblivious Beat’ flows together seamlessly into a cohesive, soothing listening experience. The debut album was self-recorded and released within just two months as the pair explained that they “wanted to keep some simplicity and not overdoor over-think anything. It was all about feeling. Most of the songs feature an element of escapism and all of them would make a great soundtrack to an imaginary film.”

‘Oblivious Beat’ opens with a gentle yet catchy start in the form of ‘So Beau Monde’, introducing Helena’s stunning vocals and the atmospheric vibe that runs throughout the album. ‘No Rules’ introduces punchy synth and ‘Details’ showcases the duo’s ability to use addictive guitar hooks to draw the listener in. ‘Night Driver’ explores staying out all night and sounds as if it could be part of the soundtrack for a mysterious movie featuring a character who has just moved to a city and is exploring all that life has to offer.

Moving towards the second half of the album we have ‘Sleepy City’, a soothing track that will definitely be going straight in my chill-out playlist. With a similar feel to gentle neo-folk artists such as Passenger but heightened with a toe-tapping drum beat and The Connecting Dots’ signature touch of synth, this track is one of my favourites on the album. ‘In The Movies’ explores the high of falling in love with lyrics that are enough to give anyone goosebumps and ‘Golden Chain’ gives the album balance with a slightly more upbeat sound that makes you want to get up and sway along to the music. ‘Pure Horizon’ features heavenly vocals and ‘Out of Our Hands’ utilises stand out guitar hooks that give the track more of an indie pop sound. Then, the album draws to a close with the finale track ‘Cairo, I’m Leaving You Now’ which brings together all the aspects of The Connecting Dots that the listener will come to love and leaves you wondering what they will come out with next.

Overall, I would highly recommend ‘Oblivious Beat’ for anyone looking to relax to smooth, soothing vocals and appreciate the joy of beautifully produced music, layered with addictive synth and gripping hooks. I definitely think this laid-back album would sound stunning on vinyl, giving you the full experience so if you ever get the chance to get your hands on it in that format, go for it! Until then, go and check it out on Spotify, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Words by Charlotte Bredael

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