AJ Smith – Roommate

Inspired by the Beach Boys and Billy Joel, AJ Smith released new and catchy single ‘Roommate’ the other week and with it translated one of the sweetest messages into song! “I wrote this song to ask my girlfriend to move in with me. The lyrics are meant to convey all the excitement of growing closer through living together coupled with the anxiety of whether or not they’re ready.”

Translating the terrifying feeling of not knowing and asking a potentially life-changing question is a talent I have not yet mastered myself but AJ Smith is making it sound like one of the easiest tasks there is. His happy-go-lucky sound is uplifting and even though lo-fi, convincing and one that should be on every Happy Mood playlist! It is catchy, it is heart-warming and describes the situation perfectly without sounding cliché. I can’t wait to hear more music from AJ Smith!

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