The Carbons – Who Needs Paris

Comforting soft rock in line with The National’s crooner sound, a simple yet soothing new song has been released by Western Canada-based pop rock trio The Carbons. Their latest release was originally a jazz song that naturally turned into an alternative rock song and with that earned its spot on the upcoming album. A loving sound, mellow and rocking like the waves. Warm and hazy vocals stand proudly in the middle of the mix, leading the single to a chorus that is infectious and hard to shake off. It’s a question that makes you start wondering… “Who needs Paris?”

“I continued refining the song while surfing through Australia with my partner, sprinkled some French lyrics over it to pay homage to my family and my brother played piano on the studio version.” In all aspects of the song a familiar kind of love of affection is entwined, “the whole journey reminds us of what is important. It reminds us to laugh, to sing, and to dance.”

The trio released their debut LP in May 2018 and have been building their brand since, they shared a stage with The Trews and Sloan, and crossed borders to tour Australia. Previous singles ‘Superheroes’ and ‘Black Mirror’ gained them more than a 100.000 streams and the band have played several stages in their home country. We are glad we got to run into the Canadian band and will keep an eye out for the upcoming album!

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