Wesley Attew – Where Do We Go From Here (EP)

British-born, Vancouver-based multi-talent Wesley Attew launched on our radar with a soft bang and goose bumps all over, he has now returned with the release of his 5-track counting EP ‘Where Do We Go From Here’. Appearing on his new record are previously released singles ‘Where Do We Go From Here’, ‘Black Dawn’ and ‘Always The Same’, and even though we were a fan of those as separate singles, together they leave an even stronger impression.

Wesley does not create short stories, he creates chapters that are amplified by one another. His words, compositions and rather simplistic soundscapes bring much power to his folk-inspired singer songwriter pop sound. First track on the EP, ‘Bloom’, is a small and fragile single for which we have to turn our sound up a little. Attew demands his listeners’ attention with his music, put down your phone for a minute, grab your cup of camomile tea and just be for a bit. “No need to rush, we won’t get ahead in this race… When we bloom, we do it our way!”.

‘Where Do We Go From Here’, the single, is a strong, repetitive single that almost sounds like a mantra, with his soaring voice in the middle, supported by strumming guitar lines. ‘Rollin On’ is the last of the tracks on the EP and is a poignant and subtly vibrant single that shines a bright light on the beautiful voice of Wesley. We previously reviewed single ‘Black Dawn’ and still strongly feel what we said earlier, read it here. Most important is for you to give this beautiful EP a listen and to take a break from life for the EP’s duration of 15 minutes.

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