Wesley Attew – Black Dawn

Some great artists are arising and crossing the borders from Canada to the rest of the world, Wesley Attew is one of those artists. Since previous single ‘Always The Same’ we have kept a close eye and ear on the British-born, Vancouver-based singer songwriter. His grand pop sound, thumping drums and soaring vocals make for a thrilling and exciting sound and song. ‘Black Dawn’s performance art music video is set to be released in three days on the 16th of December and will give even more meaning to the single.

‘Black Dawn’ is the third single to appear on Wesley Attew’s upcoming EP, ‘Where Do We Go From Here’. “At the core of it, ‘Black Dawn’ is a protest song filled with surrealist imagery, and expresses the frustrations found in the seemingly inescapable constraints of our democracies. It leaves us questioning how we form our opinions when we are surrounded by a confusing media onslaught. At times, we are left to vote for the lesser of two evils.”

As the media keeps framing situations, happenings and politicians, we are left to decide for ourselves what we think is true and what is not. Music, as for most of us, is an outlet to escape the surreal world we live in, a world in which it is hard to focus on what matters most; which in the end is our own wellbeing and that of our planet. Wesley Attew drew a very poignant picture and gave us a way out, even though for only 2 minutes and 47 seconds.

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