Jon Reynolds & The Aches – Leather Jacket

I am not a fan of Christmas covers or ‘original Christmas songs’, but what I am a fan of is fast paced, festive sounding alternative pop tracks and Jon Reynolds & The Aches gave me just that with their new single ‘Leather Jacket’! It is a synth pop influenced guitar-driven track with a great balance between fast and slow parts. Driven by intriguing harmonies and an almost hypnotic beat and with a chorus that is catchy as anything. Jon Reynolds & The Aches write songs that swing back and forth between resembling The Killers and The Weeknd, but with a genuinely different… Jacket, which gives the song its uniqueness!

“‘Leather Jacket’ expresses the frustration and fear that accompanies the tipping point of a dying relationships, with a power pop, synth-driven arrangement.”

Jon Reynolds: “One of my favourite people to write with is Ben Cramer (Old Sea Brigade). He knows how to follow his instincts in a song, and that is exactly what he did when we wrote “Leather Jacket”.  At that time, he was going through a rough break-up with his girlfriend of five years. This, incidentally, was the foundation for the lyrics. Ben started with one line in mind – “I think about you”:  The quintessence of every broken heart, I think.”

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