Mar Malade – Quickborn

A twisted and spicy psychedelic art rock sound was launched onto streaming platforms and it made me fall for the creators of this sound. ‘Quickborn’ is Mar Malade‘s new single and it is a laid back, soothing and alternative vibe that had me enchanted. The German shoegaze outfit create alternative spaces in the form of short and wonderful musical pieces, with ‘Quickborn’ being my first encounter with said alternative spaces. An escape, a postcard of a holiday resort that might or might not exist, or in their own words: “With every postcard from Mar Malade you are about to visit another place inside your mind!”

The tickling, uplifting intro almost sounds like a traditional Indian piece of music and the vocals that are slowly rolling in add a Western touch to this rather international sounding single. Have a listen and enjoy the bands’ great artwork below!

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