Gregick – Let Me Love You & We Are Helium

One of Newcastle’s musically most versatile artists has recently launched his solo project and with that released a two track EP. Gregick is a Bangor-born singer songwriter, producer and performer who played with several successful artists and is now venturing out on his own. ‘Let Me Love You’ and ‘We Are Helium’ are two beautifully crafted, thought through singles that shine a bright light on the smooth vocals of Gregick and his way of creating intimate, intricate compositions.

“This two track EP was salvaged from a corrupt hard drive in April 2020 during the first lockdown. Both tracks are raw, simple, haunting and hypnotic recordings based around one guitar, vocals and some keys. ‘Let Me Love You’ is a simple love song about getting lost in one another. Like a daydream. ‘We Are Helium’, was written in collaboration with Gavin Coward and Paradox Pictures, and commissioned for a live street dance performance at SIRF (Stockton International Riverside Festival) in 2018. It explores the idea of us all being like helium. Weightless, tasteless, without order, empty.”

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