Get to know Amie Jane Brown

Talented and soulful singer songwriter Amie Jane Brown just released her new EP ‘Rosie Coloured Spectacles’! On it appears previously premiered single ‘Cheater’ as well as thumping, riffing first track ‘A Million and One Ways to Die’, time to have a chat with Amie about her style, inspiration and future plans!

Can you describe your music style in one sentence?

Acoustic soul with a little bit of a chip on it’s shoulder.

Why did you start making music?

I loved making up my own songs as a kid and remember trying to cast all of the poor kids down my street (who really didn’t give a ***) a part in my regular ‘SHOWS’ that I would perform down my road to anyone that would pay attention! So when I went away to start high school and my new mate invited me to record in his home studio it was game set match.

Who in your close environment have been your biggest inspiration/ supporters?

My brother is a music head so he has been both an inspiration and a huge support. My mum is my biggest fan (!) And my mates are always cheering me on. I am lucky.

What is your dream to achieve as an artist?

A world tour and free champagne. But mostly for people to listen to my music and feel like it speaks to them.

What are your future plans/ any new releases coming up?

I have been working on some exciting collaborations, some that are in a completely different direction to my current EP so they are on the release list for 2021. I am dying to get back on stage so that is plan A.

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